Package Game in Fashion

When it comes to fashion and it’s packaging, especially the one ordered online, packaging is something that the brands, new and upcoming, as well as the big and established ones take much more detail and time into.

It is one of those thing that make the customer feel like the time it took the package to arrive pays out the wait. Also it has a much greater value for the brands, since the first impression is sometimes imperative to gaining a loyal customer. In recent years, we are seeing more and more new brands, and as such, most of them will need to be ahead every aspect of the game to gain new customers, and one of them is (yes you guessed it) packaging.

Here are a few successful package design examples from the popular street wear industry. One of the players in the game is Over, an independent brand and studio from Novi Sad, Serbia, which is catering to a younger streetwear oriented individuals. We’re currently seeing a shift towards more sustainable options that make an environmental friendly package, with less unneeded materials and toxic print pigments, which are up to 100% recyclable.